Advance your career and grow your business by leveraging your expertise.

Do you want to be seen as an expert and get highly rewarded for it?

I discovered a series of steps, and approach to establishing my expertise that allowed me to gain instant credibility and visibility in an industry that is even the word overcrowded is an understatement. The fact that my I’ve manage to share the stage with some seasons speakers, writing articles for known global publications, generating a study follow of clients is testament to the effectiveness of the approach.

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This is how it all started

“I found out the hard way that being an expert and being SEEN as an expert are two completely different things.

When I started out as an independent consultant, trying to sell my expertise without the support of a big corporate brand, I quickly realised that people did not care very much about qualifications or even the corporate experience. They had seen and heard it all before.  They already knew a lot of experts and were disillusioned by the so-called expert’s ability to really help them. I soon realised that all people wanted to know was whether I could really help them and if I truly knew what I was talking about. This required a different approach from what I was used to in corporate. Marketing your expertise as part of an established professional services firm is completely different from marketing your expertise as an independent or relatively young small firm or practice.

So how can you establish yourself quickly as an expert so you can start to be win more business with your expertise?

Well, actions speak louder than words and it’s even more so for today’s experts.

Experts outside the confines of the big corporate brand and established institutions are judged entirely on their actions. These days, experts are expected to be prolific creators and curators of content and they are also expected to be visible. People want to know the person (people) behind the brand, reports and the website.

Today’s experts are also expected to be human so I learnt to get more personal. People wanted to see me, the person behind the website and emails – something most professionals (including myself) are inherently opposed to because we want people to hire us for what we know and not necessarily because we loved football or not!

What being seen as an expert isn’t about

7 steps new coverBeing seen as an expert doesn’t require any further education.  Fortunately the only requirement is that we showcase more of what we already know.

Today’s professional is faced with a highly knowledgeable and well read audience. They’ve read the same books you have and are not easily impressed.  What they want to see are samples and evidence of your own thinking and work. Evidence that you are not one of the self-styled gurus and that you’ve done more than read the same books they have.

So, I did some research and put together a list of the 7 things I found the experts and gurus did that real experts needed to do in order for them to be seen as experts too.

I put this together is a little book and published this on Amazon. Funnily enough, I started being seen as an expert “on establishing yourself as an expert”! Publishing a book (one of the seven steps in my book) is a very powerful strategy in establishing yourself as an expert.  The fact that my book was self published and only available on Kindle seemed irrelevant to people. People still seemed impressed that I had written something! This confirmed my initial observations and set me on a path to publish more books.

What is the club?

This club is for experts – professionals, entrepreneurs and anybody who has invested time to learn their craft. The club is the continuation of my book on How to establish yourself as an expert in 7 simple steps. It expands on the concepts I shared  with in-depth support to help experts get recognised and rewarded for the expertise they have worked so hard to develop – most times at great financial and personal cost.

Ultimately, the club is meant to help bring together different professionals to support each other with the unique challenge of spreading the knowledge and helping my people with their skills.

The content area is divided into 7 key areas or blocks:

  1. Social media
  2. Writing
  3. Speaking
  4. PR
  5. Writing Newsletters
  6. Advanced writing – for aspiring authors
  7. Reading list

What’s your return?

For a small monthly subscription fee you’ll have access to information and research backed by evidence on how todays experts are leveraging their expertise.

  •  Downloadable video and audio content
  • Monthly Lessons – see sample topics below
  • Discussions with experts
  • Q & A
  • Interviews with experts who have broken the mould and are recognised as true experts
  • Bulletin Board with media request or request for content etc
  • Networking with other experts to discuss whats works and whats not

My self and relevant experts will teach lessons to cover:

  1. Understanding your BIG why for wanting to be sean as an expert
  2. Hyperfocusing your expertise on the right niche
  3. How to generate content
  4. Writing
  5. Blogging
  6. Writing and self-publishing books
  7. Writing book proposals
  8. Becoming a better public speaker
  9. Finding speaking engagements
  10. Getting paid to speak
  11. presentation skills
  12. Social Media – (Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Googleplus, instagram and much more)
  13. Doing your own PR
  14. Writing Press releases
  15. Preparing for media interviews
  16. Pitching your ideas to editors
  17. Creating videos
  18. Creating podcasts
  19. How to package your expertise
  20. How to price your expertise and more

I’m ready to join. What do I do?


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